Case Study

From Zero to Hero

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand went from a total campaign disaster to a record-breaking $1.2 million in funds raised. The catalyst? Nimbl.

The Flop

Nimbl was invited to be the strategy partner for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand’s biggest event of the year, Blue September. We learned that the year prior, the campaign had flopped. No one in the room could tell us why.

It was a large budget, celebrity-fueled “face your fear” campaign which played on the theme of blokes not going for a checkup. On paper, this campaign should have been an overwhelming success and yet here we were. A room full of people and no answers.

There was only one place we were going to get the answers we needed. The data. We performed a deep dive into the analytical data behind the organization.

We examined their core database of contacts. Everyone from large organisation sponsors, to individual donors. We also examined their website’s analytical data. This information backed up what was now our primary hypothesis behind the failed campaign.

The Presentation

We don’t relish breaking bad news to people. So, we made our presentation through a cute bear. “Don’t shoot the messenger”!

Receiving communication from the foundation was just too upsetting after losing a loved one.

Nimbl Blue September Presentation

The Problem

It became clear to us that the foundation was struggling to communicate to its audience. They didn’t know who their audience was. It was easy for them to understand their corporate sponsors’ motives, but convincing someone off the street to join their cause was where the issue lay.

Through our extensive research, we introduced the foundation to their actual target audience and provided them with the blueprints needed to connect with them. Introducing: Personas.

The Solution

The resulting information provided a fool-proof approach to a successful campaign ahead. We built a new fundraising platform for the foundation to utilise. By providing them with an “in-house” solution to their fundraising, we were also able to save the foundation more than $10,000 (per year) in third party platform subscriptions previously used.

We were also able to customise the platform to the precise personas generated in our research phase. The result was a radical transformation. From information overload, to a positive celebration.

We introduced gamification to the site to promote and reward users for engaging and participating. Donor leaderboards, ease-of-use to post updates, and integration into social platforms made fundraising fun again. More importantly, to the right target audience.

The end of campaign saw a record number of fundraisers hosted by the public. The final tally was a record-breaking $1.2 million raised by “Blue Do” fundraisers.

Cycle through a sample selection of slides from our research presentation:

Ben Jennings

Creative Director

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